Crossroad Ingredients aims to be your value-added supplier that, in addition to offering high quality ingredients, assists you in complying with cGMP’s for the manufacturing of your products.

Our customers have come to rely on Crossroad Ingredients for our 25 year’s industry experience offering product and market-trend knowledge. Every customer receives excellent customer service with ease of ordering, tracking and integrity.

The following documentations are available as part of Crossroad Ingredients’ Quality Assurance Program:

  • Allergens
  • Nutritionals
  • Continuing Guarantees
  • Certificate of Origins
  • MSDS
  • Melamine Free Statements
  • Halals
  • HAACPs
  • BSE/TSE Statements
  • Flow Charts
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • GRAS Statements
  • GMPs
  • Non GMO Statements
  • Koshers
  • ISOs
  • Factory Audits

Our Quality Assurance monitors the quality and purity of our ingredients through our product characterization and continuous evaluation of the supply chain.

These documents and statements will be made available to provide information on the physical, chemical, manufacturing, and regulatory attributes of the ingredients:

I. Product specifications – provide general product information, including the physical, chemical, micro-characteristics, and test methods

II. Certificate of Analysis, with each product delivered

III. Manufacturing information, such as: Certificate of Origin, manufacturer bioterrorism registration information, manufacturing process (flow chart), GMP statements, ISO Certificates, and HACCP certificates.

IV. Regulatory information and general regulatory concerns, such as Compendial Grade, NDI Status, GRAS, Food Additive Status, 21 CFR-CA prop 65, BSE/TSE information, Allergens information, Vegan and Vegetarian status, Kosher/ Halal status, Organic status, GM status, Tariff code.

V. Additional information: MSDS, batch lot numbering system, batch labeling, and nutritional information (if applicable)